We’re On A Mission To Help
You Save Smarter

Everyone talks about the major savings problem in America. People aren’t saving enough for emergencies, for their kids, for retirement. Instead of debating the problem, we went out and created a solution.

There are three components to having more savings:

  1. You could save more. But we know you’re already stretching your budget.
  2. You can earn more money to save. We wish we could get you a raise!
  3. You could earn more on what you save. This is the solution we’re focused on.
As financial nerds, it always bothered us that savings accounts weren’t designed for a specific type of saving. Why should the same account be used for emergencies, your kids college fund and your new house? Why not have a savings account that lets you lock up your money until you really need it?

Turns out, banks are good at taking deposits and giving out loans, but aren’t great at predicting when you’re going to need your money. So we designed a special type of bank product just for emergencies. We took a CD, reserved a portion of the return for disasters, and made sure that the user experience would be just whats needed for keeping an eye on your money, as well as withdrawing when you need it the most.

That’s our mission: giving you a savings alternative with much better returns and a similar level of risk. We hope you enjoy making more money on your savings!
The Wallace Team